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Hi! I’m Bruno and I’m a Software Engineer. I like building things that either help or entertain people, sometimes I break things too! But it is always for a good reason. I tend to believe I’m a perfectionist (for better or for worse), and sometimes I will procrastinate finishing a project because it doesn’t feel ready just yet.

I started writing code many years ago, when I was around 12 years old. I started by using the built-in scripting tools of the Microsoft Office package in VB6. Later I began making web scripts and websites using PHP.

Around the time I started University, I began more intensively working on Applications, initially for Windows/Linux, but when I managed to install Mac OS X on my Acer laptop, I went all into iPhone and Mac programming. After that, this is the platform I am most invested into nowadays, and it is also the one I like the most. Therefore I mostly work with Swift and Objective-C for my personal projects.

Since then I have written several apps for macOS, iOS, and watchOS, and I’ve listed all the released/interesting ones in the homepage. I have built several other Apps that have never reached a release-worthy state, or that are under sporadic development, and that might be released some day.

At work I am a generalist developer, but my bigger tasks tend to be front-end and client-side focused, but I do write back-end software from time to time. There I mostly work with PHP, Java (GWT), Swift, PostgreSQL, and JavaScript.

Over the years I have observed I enjoy spending time on the design and UX side of software front-end. Some friends and workmates have complimented me on that was well, and I like to think I have a bit of an eye for it. I tend to like when the design of things is consistent, usable, good-looking, and meaningful. I have picked books about UX, discoverability, and other such aspects, but haven’t managed to read all of them yet.

Sometimes I build physical things too, and they tend to involve electronics of some sort. Have a look at this showcase page.

About this website

I developed this website using CSS based on a Bootswatch theme that was heavily modified by with the use of the Bootstrap Live theme customizer tool, which I used to tweak various things such as colors, text sizes, and fonts. For deployment I used Jekyll as the generator and Markdown sources with lots of custom HTML templates. I have also used extra CSS for extensive customization of the default Bootstrap/Bootswatch style.

Thanks for visiting my website!

The secret to magic is that I’m willing to spend much more time on it than what you think it’s worth.

— Penn Jillette