Grand Opening

After many months of sporadic work, and many delays, I am finally happy to declare my new homepage! This, which I proudly claim to be the best domain hack I could get with my own name, will be the home of my portfolio page, blog, and software for at least some years, as I have now secured the domain registration until past 2020.

Another news is that I have integraded my blog into my homepage now. Previously I used different software for each one, but now both run under the same Jekyll project.

I bought this domain many years ago, but never got around to actually migrating all my webpages to it (out from While this is actually not done yet, in the following days I will close down the homepage and blog from that domain (and setup redirects) and leave only the pages I have for my software (the /software/ directory) which is where the homepages of Noto, TipTyper, “Is It Down?”, and other software are hosted.

After that is done, I will start working on putting these software in categorized subdomains, like '' and '' (which I plan to use for software into which I don’t invest a lot of time anymore).

For that to work though I will need to find a good solution for providing SSL certificates for each subdomain, which is not very simple. I could use “Let’s encrypt”, but that requires freqeunt renewing. My current method of choice is purchasing a certificate from a trusted provider, and what I will probably do is get a “multi-domain” certificate for all my sites instead of one per domain, as currently all my sites reside in the same machine anyway.

I will post more here as these things happen. For now, let’s rejoice!